• Be good to yourself.
    • Keep physically fit and rested.
  • Attitude is all-important.
    • Use positive affirmations: “I can pass American History.”
    • Provide your own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or a “lucky pen.”
  • Be a chronic enthusiast!
  • Used textbooks may provide insights on a course.
  • Sit in the front row;
    • if you must sit toward the back of the room, lean forward.
    • Attentiveness and concentration increase markedly.
  • Don’t miss the first and last minutes of class.
    • They are crucial — important announcements, questions on test, etc.
  • Use a variety of study techniques. 
    • a. Tape chapters (find out if your textbook has companion pod cast chapters). Listen on way to school, work.
    • b. Use index cards for quick review.
    • Keep them simple. Throw your highlighter away!
    • Remember: frequent review takes facts from short-term memory to long-term memory — learning as opposed to cramming.
  • Study in short bursts.
    • (First and last facts are remembered best; therefore, it will accelerate learning.)
  • Review notes immediately after class.
    • Even for five minutes.
    • Something magical happens!
  • Review your notes out loud.
    • Read your chapters out loud.
  • Appearance raises grades.
    • Neatness counts.
    • Word processors are a plus.
    • If a handwritte assignment is acceptable, use erasable pen.
  • Don’t waste time rereading.
    • Rely on “pen in hand” and SQ3R.
  • Test professors before they test you.
    • Ask questions about what kind of test to expect,
    • what material will be covered.
  • Become an expert test taker.
  • Go with initial hunches.
  • Stay with initial hunches. 
  • Study according to your biological clock.
    • Are you “normal,” a night owl, or an early bird?
  • Eliminate stress in your life.
  • EXERCISE is the best antidote.
  • Make extra credit mandatory.
  • Never miss a class.
    • This is considered mandatory by “A” students.
  • Be prepared to bail out.
    • Don’t be afraid to drop a course that is not working for you., BUT be aware of all official dates to withdraw and any vital state legislative restrictions ( Texas has a limit on total number of W hours.)
  • Volunteer to edit a friend’s paper.
    • Use it as a learning experience.
  • Study smart—not hard!
  • Time management skills and discipline pay off.
  • Stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit. 




1. Strictly follow the study material .Covr the entire syllabus.minimum 3 tym .for this thorough reading is required.
2 .Solve all the question in the study material
3. Use the help of CD provided with Study Material.
4. Solve past 4/5 years question paper .
5. Have faith in urself & god . B confident


Best Wshs My Dear Frnds .



If u have a good base of 11th nd 12th std then CPT Accounts wont bother u too much….just stick to the basics because most questions come from the most simple points which sometimes we ignore….again…Accounts is the main subject for a C.A….so if u want to do well at higher levels of the course you should make your base from here onwards…as i mentioned earlier also plz dont go for just multiple choice questions…..solve the most complex questions too nd dont ignore the theory part…
This is a new subject for you people…nd as i said CPT is the base…try to grab the concept because many questions in the exam wont be directly from the book…you will have to apply your common sense nd u wil be able to answer correctly only if you have the correct concept in mind and trust me this will help a lot at IPCC level…
If you are thorough with 12th std eco…u wont have any problem in micro part…its easy but conceptual…dont try to learn it…just keep the concept and the answer will automatically come to your mind by just applying some common sense……u can keep the concept of graphs in mind and create your own answers…
Many students tend to leave these 50 marks totally bcoz they form an idea that they wont be able to solve it from the initial stage,,,plz dont do that…you are leaving easy 20-30 marks on offer….
Basic idea of maths is very important to be a C.A…..thats why we see students from Science stream clear CA before the students from Commerce background…so if u are leaving this subject completely u are digging ur own grave,….
In Maths nd Statistics u can easily fetch 20-30 marks coz many topics are very easy..just a sharp brain and basic knowledge of 10th level maths will be sufficient ……u can leave the complex things like calculus nd series if you are not good at maths,,(no need to solve the tough questions from the study material coz u wont get questions of that level from these topics)….last few chapters in statistics can be left if u are short of time…u wont lose more than 1-2 marks…
Macro part is complete theory nd u will have to learn it somehow…(ratta mar lo aur koi chara nahi hai..)…Its boring but 25 marks come from there….just learn it somehow….nothing can be done about it…..learn the dates even coz u get questions from there too…scanner will be very helpful….dont learn data of each and every year given..LEARN ONLY THE LATEST DATA AVAILABLE…
Lastly go for a scanner for all subjects (suchitra prakashan is the best)….u will get a fair idea of importance of each chapter in the exams….
the outcome of all your hard work depends on how well you utilise your 4 hours in the exam hall…please reach the exam hall on time and be equipped with all the required material…last minute hustle-bustle can have an adverse impact on your preparations….utilize each and every minute given to you…try to solve easy ones first…dont waste time if u are not able to solve any question…go ahead further nd come back to all questions you have left when you have finished the easy ones…this will give you confidence …..
PLEASE DONT TRY TO MATCH YOUR ANSWERS WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS..its a crime nd if caught your dream of becoming a CA will be finished then and there…and even if you are not caught you might end up cancelling your correct answer and copying the wrong one from your neighbour…(EXAM HALL ME KOI KISI KA FRIEND NAHI HOTA..SO DONT TRUST ANYONE)…have confidence on yourself……be calm…its a professional are bound to get trick questions…be focussed and dont get nervous….
These are my + a rank holders  views of what she made out of CPT…hope u people got some useful information…