Process of Registration in CA-IPCC

Process of Registration in CA-IPCC



Individuals aspiring to be Chartered Accountants after clearing the first level, Common Proficiency Test (CPT), need to register for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC). The Intermediate IPC Course is a level post CPT for further advancing in CA Course and is level one for students planning to register under Direct Entry Scheme, they must qualify for the eligibility criteria that the institute has set. The Intermediate IPC candidates are tested on their core knowledge of the subjects related to accountancy profession in Intermediate (IPC) Course.

Eligibility Criteria

For a candidate to enroll for Intermediate (IPC) course:
  1. The candidate must have cleared Senior Secondary Examination led by investigative body in India as well as the candidate must have cleared CPT. The candidate must send a copy of pass mark statement of CPT.
  2. Candidates who cleared Entrance, Foundation or Professional Education are also eligible to enroll in IPC Course.
  3. Graduates and Post Graduates from commerce who secured a minimum of 55% of the total marks in exam organised by any recognized University.
  4. Students in their Final year Graduation can register for provisional basis for the Intermediate (IPC) Course, during this period the candidate if he/she wishes can go for information Technology Training (ITT) and other orientation course.
The registration for Intermediate (IPC) Course is valid for 4 years. Students should have proper registration before applying.
Registration Process.
In order to enroll for IPCC the student must follow the Registration process described below:
  1. Fill Article ship Form 103 & 102 from nearby branch or regional office, the form need to be purchased.
  1. Submit a copy of Form 103 after entering the details into the form together with verified and attested document and mandatory registration fee.
  1. The form is submitted together with the article ship fee of Rs. 2000, it is a one time.
  1. The verified documents submitted during registration must be attested by Principal Chartered Accountant. In case of Direct Entry Scheme ITT Certificate and Orientation Certificate need not be presented.
  2. One copy of the Form No 103 is kept by the Principal Chartered Accountant who approved the documents and one is kept by the student who is enrolling for the exam.
  3. Similarly copies of Form 102 is kept by the attesting Principal Chartered Accountant while the other the student keep. This form is not sent to ICAI.
  4. Form 103 must be sent to ICAI for including the registration in their records, along with the form an Identity card has to be filled and proved by Principal Chartered Accountant with photograph.


The CA course has three levels which a student need to clear in order to obtain the charter, the first level is Common Proficiency Test, the second is Integrated Professional Competence Course and the third is CA Final exam. While the eligibility criteria is not set very high for students to enroll for IPCC Course , the students must however clear certain exams or have education in order to qualify and enroll for Intermediate IPCC course.
Written By: Harsh Jain

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