It seems that whole world is against Chartered Accountants and like Prime Minister Narendra Modi they are also answerable for anything happening in Tax or Finance world, even if they are involved or not.
It is observed that Chartered Accountants are been taken as most soft target by Politician, Bureaucrats and also by Tax Authorities.  A few days back Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has alleged while addressing the tax professionals at a programme organised by Delhi Sales tax Association that Chartered Accountants promote corruption in System, but after protest by CAs present at the venue he has taken his words back. 
In a series of attacks on Chartered Accountants latest is been alleged by A CA from Pune that he has been slapped by a Service Tax Official when he visited his office with his Assistant and client in respect of reset of password of his clients Service Tax Account on online portal of Service Tax Registration.
After the incident CA from Pune has approached the Pimpri-Chinchwad (Pune) Branch of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and they have written a letter on 16th October 2015 to the Additional Commissioner of Service tax, Pune and demanded immediate action against the erring officer who is Posted as Service tax Superintendent in Akurdi (Pune) office of Service tax Department.
CA Nitesh More from Kolkata who has started the an online petition against the alleged slapping on the popular petition website has  condemned the incident and urged fellow CA Professional to unite and take the matter to higher level so that justice can be imparted and repetition of such incidence can be stopped in future. He further commented that these are the tactics which are been used from years to create fear among professionals. He urged fellow professionals to  to support the petition by clicking on the following link and signing the online petition.


CA. Devendra Kumar Somani”from  Udaipur said that “It is a matter of great concern for we all. Since a long CA fraternity is known for its independence and integrity. We are partner in national building. We are known for our services world-wide. Those who are jealous, envious and selfish, alleges CAs in their self-interest. We are knowledgeable but polite and generous. That does not mean we are weak. We strongly condemn such incidences. Friends, it is a time to wake up. Let us unite and teach a lesson to erring class. They should not forget that we are strong pillar of economic development.Persons at the helm should take note of this. I appeal to the CA fraternity to strongly condemn such incidences so that the same are not repeated in future.
Chartered Accountants and other professionals from Across the India has strongly condemned the alleged incident. Some of the comments made by them on are as follows:-
Ashok Kothari has commented that “It is criminal offense committed by the authority. FIR should be lodged against said authority. Complaint to CVC and CBI should also be filed. ………. We are one of the pillars for curbing the corruption and a helping hand to Govt. for proper accounting, correct and timely furnishing returns, payment of taxes and so many other works which has kept the financial discipline in the country. “
Manish Kumar commented that “It is attack on our professional dignity”
CA Rajesh Pabari from Mumbai said that it’s highly unprofessional act from department.
It is a very well known fact that Chartered Accountants are always harassed for any matter of financial irregularity of his client.
Government should do something to keep in check its officers and to make them actually treat Assessee and his consultant as Customer instead of treating them as second class citizens.
Being a Chartered Accountant I hope that there will be ACCHE DIN for us too and dignity and respect of profession will be maintained.
I Request all the fellow Professional to give their views on the alleged incident by way of comment below the article.
Copy of letter written by Pimpri-Chinchwad (Pune) Branch of ICAI

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