After much deliberation on the issue whether you should do articleship or take dummy, you have finally taken the bold decision to do articleship.You would never repent this decision. After all, there is no substitute for practical work experience.
The whole experience of working as an article is truly amazing.  Auditing organizations, practically preparing trial balances, discussing the details of items in profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and making those last minute adjustments before the accounts are finalized go a long way in your learning and exposure.  In addition, the experiences of discussion with client helps you not only build technical knowledge, but also develop great negotiation skills.  These go a long way in shaping a great career ahead.
The initial days of articleship are always fun-filled, but soon the feeling of examinations starts to take that fun away. Once the examination dates start approaching, majority of us start wondering about managing both.  And then, the thought whether we made the right decision to go for articleship bothers us again.  More importantly, because some of our friends who did not opt for articleship would have been discussing a lot about the lessons and topics they would have covered in the tuition classes, but perhaps missed by you because you did not get time to attend them.
At this juncture, the CA student life starts to take a new turn and therefore, it is very important that we do not get either confused or nervous.  Nervousness and confusion is only for those people who are not clear in their goals and objectives and NOT for people like you, who are bold, determined and confident of their abilities.
I would like to state the “3 Step Success Formula” I learnt in my life.  This success formula is very powerful and highly practical and helps you get a complete perspective of how to manage multi-tasks with ease and confidence.  The Formula is:
“With better awareness you make better choices and with better choices you get better results.”   
What it means is that you need to be aware of your end goal and as you start to write, plan and visualize about your goals, you can make better choices & take better decisions that consequently end up in you getting better results.
I will now share some very practical tips with you on how to manage your studies along with articleship.  After reading the article, I am sure you would be aware of some tips, which if implemented in your life would surely help you achieve the best in your life.
1.Write your Daily 5 – Prepare a Dairy/ Journal
The things that get scheduled are the things that get completed.
Every day when you get up in the morning, spend 20 minutes writing a journal.  Pick up a diary/journal and every single day write 5 daily goals that needs to be achieved for that day to be your best day ever.  Write 5 things covering your professional, academic, social, financial and spiritual needs:
  • Academics – this can be related to finishing a particular chapter in any book or attending coaching classes
  • Profession – this can be related to your office work such as finishing a client’s balance sheet or filing a tax return
  • Social – this can be meeting your friends for discussions. Preferably, the discussions should revolve around either studies or how to make your self a better professional.  No gossips.
  • Financial – this can be related to how to save money during articleship so that when I qualify as a CA, I would be able to assist my family, or buy a new car, or buy gifts for my parents.
  • Spiritual – this can be something to do with self-realization or self-awareness. I truly believe a person who is strong spiritually, has a bright chance to live life with content and peacefully.
Always remember that “Clarity precedes Mastery” and by writing your goals daily, you are creating a clarity for yourself and your purpose that will surely help you aim for the best.  Unless you are clear on your goals, how can you even think of achieving them?
2.Don’t sleep unless you finish your Daily 5
It is very important that you should finish your Daily 5 which you have written in the morning and do not sleep unless you finish them.  Once you develop the habit of sleeping only after finishing your Daily 5 activities, you would start to get immense power and confidence.
Just imagine that in 12 months you would have written and achieved approx. 2000 goals (365*5).   Imagine the sense of pride and achievement you will experience after achieving nearly 2000 goals.
3.Build your days around your goals
The CA profession is one of the most difficult professions when it comes to clearing examinations.  I always keep telling students that those who did not clear definitely lack in their commitment to clear the examinations because there are always some students who clear and qualify as chartered accountants.  The difference between them and those who did not clear is only one – Those who cleared had a very high level of focus on their goal to qualify as a CA.
Start to build your days around your goals.  Create a bubble around you which allows you to do only those things that are related to your goals and anything which is not related to your goal, should not be allowed to enter your mental bubble.  Keep referring to your dairy/journal regularly during the day and have a very strong focus to finish your Daily 5.  Stop wasting time and do what is important to achieve your best.
4.Don’t waste time, because time that’s gone will not come back
This is something our parents have been telling us since our childhood.  But I would still request to install this habit at any cost.  Time that’s wasted will not come back.  Some tips:
  • Watch very less/ No TV;
  • No gossips with friends and colleagues;
  • Get up early in the morning (read my articles on the benefits of getting up early in the morning) and plan your day;
  • Create a bubble around you and don’t let any thought which is not related to your goal enter your mind
  • Write your daily journal/ diary
  • Focus. Focus.
5.Celebrate your wins
 This is something not many people do, but if done regularly, gives you immense power and confidence. If you achieved any of your goals, , write it down in your diary and clap for yourself.  These small things when done overtime will start to yield amazing results in your life.  You would be able to achieve success not only in your profession but also do very well in studies.
6. Be Determined
Great chartered accountants are those, who have completed their articleship and have still managed to clear examinations in the least possible attempts.  Be determined to manage both of them so that no one is able to deviate you from your goal.
Articleship is very important and so is clearing your examinations.  You cannot be good in one but bad in the other.  I would like to end the article by a quote from Mahatma Gandhi:
“A man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is doing wrong in any other department.  Life is one indivisible whole”
Be determined and stay focused.

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